These days, there are many scenes of foreign tourists meditating peacefully in Vietnam. Vo Tan Khong’s MeditationG attracts plenty of attention, not only from locals, but also international friends. Whatever their final destination, travelers have the opportunity to experience meditationG during their stay in Vietnam.

Foreign practitioners can understand their inner selves and be able to control their lives.Therefore, these tourists are excited practicing daily after being instructed with a simple and concise method.
Those who wish to go deeply into this meditationG are encouraged to take part in different ways of interaction such as attending to some face-to-face meetings. Moreover, they can share experiences at any time and often upload
them to Vo Tan Khong’s Facebook Fanpage.

Vo Tan Khong’s MeditationG was created by Master Tran Thanh Nghi, aiming at instructing people of various age groups on how to meditate appropriately. Always in the spirit of sharing, as natural as breathing and as easy as a heartbeat, Vo Tan Khong’s MeditationG makes an impression with just one visit. The practitioners are deeply grateful for all the fulfilling values which help them feel the instant transformation in themselves.

MeditationG courses are free of charge.


Location: Vo Tan Khong MeditationG

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