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MeditationG is a method which can help improve kid’s thinking ability to be sharper, enhance their long-term concentration, increase their inference and especially improve the ability to be patient that any kids should work on.

Many parents are extremely surprised with their children’s peaceful and carefree face while they are meditating at Vo Tan Khong’s MeditationG class for kids. That is the practice to improve the inherent focus ability in each kid and it is best promoted by meditating. Because of that, they become more courageous, their inner potential will be awakened which gives them the confidence to do what they want.

All kids are constantly active either playing or thinking, there is no break, so if they can just keep their eyes closed for a few minutes, it is already an amazing turning-point. The potential inside of them will be awakened at their very young age. As a result, the efficiency of meditationG provides kids the ability to control their mind in every action and clearly improves the language in every of their sayings. Orienting them to calmness and easily balancing the emotions inside. Through that, kids can initiatively express more feelings towards their grandparents as well as parents, also easily get along well with other relationships such as brothers, sisters and friends.

Vo Tan Khong’s MeditationG method for kids is integrated with both activeness and inactiveness in every game and activity suiting different ages. There are games that help increase kid’s focus. MeditationG is not just about sitting, in fact, whatever activities that can make kids highly concentrated, then that is meditationG.

Along with those activities, they can have a chance to naturally absorb some interesting theories aiming at expanding their viewpoint on life through very usual concepts.

For kids who are unable to meditate yet, they can still have a concept and get familiar with peaceful meditationG-sitting through the images of older brothers and sisters meditating. After a period of time taking part in Vo Tan Khong’s MeditationG class for kids, the parents are very happy seeing their children getting more mature day by day with very clear changes from health to high concentration in learning.

The MeditationG class for kids of Vo Tan Khong MeditationG was established and led by Master Tran Thanh Nghi. This is the first and only class that guides children from 2 to 18 years old. Due to the spirit of sharing new learning method to help kids be more peaceful and develop their thinking, the class is absolutely free of charge.

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